FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Questions? We have Answers!

  • 1. What hardware do you support?

    We support desktops, laptops, servers, printers, scanners, and network equipment. When a product is under warranty, Ping IT will work as a liaison between you and the manufacturer. If the product is not under warranty, Ping IT will do its best to extend the life of the machine, or help you purchase a better machine. Our goal is to fix the problem not put a band-aid on it. If it will save you money in the long run to purchase a new machine, we'll let you know.
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  • 2. What computer platforms and software do you support?

    Ping IT supports Windows, Macintosh, Novell, and Linux platforms. We support Microsoft and most other mainstream small business software.
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  • 3. Who is your typical client?

    a. growing businesses in need of reliable, cost effective on demand IT support for emergency issues and scheduled maintenance.

    b. medium sized business with up to 50 workstations that need trusted 'virtual' staff to minimize computer issues, improve network security, develop, monitor and maintain the network infrastructure as it expands with the business.

    c. large companies who need supplemental IT support to 'fill in' the gaps or help during busy periods.
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  • 4. How can you provide such quick service? Will I always see an engineer, or will I always work with someone on the phone?

    To provide our clients with great service at economical rates, we always attempt to diagnose and resolve issues remotely using our Remote Help feature. If the problem cannot be fixed, we will schedule an onsite visit as soon as possible.
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  • 5. What is "Ping IT Remote Support"?

    "Ping IT Remote Support" is a program we use that allows us to quickly resolve issues on your computer remotely. This means that we can solve your problems quicker and get you back up and running sooner than if we were to make an on-site visit.
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  • 6. Can "Ping IT Remote Support" be used to break into my computer?

    Absolutely Not! This tool MUST be started by you on your own workstation. The connection is started when you enter the 6-digit PIN code provided by the technician and you click connect. When the support session is over the connection is closed, and only you can repeat the process to open a new connection.
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  • 7. How safe is the "Remote Help" feature? Does this allow anyone from Ping IT to control my computer whenever, or does it open me up to outside hacking?

    In order to connect to your machine, you the customer must give us your permission through a series of clicks and steps. You always have the ability to watch us as we service your machine.
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  • 8. Can you resolve Internet issues through Remote Help?

    Unfortunately, the Remote Help feature currently works over an internet connection. If you can't access the Internet, we will schedule an onsite visit to resolve your issue.
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  • 9. When you say "Remote Network Monitoring", how much monitoring do you mean? What about my privacy or financial statements?

    Network Monitoring checks on your computer performance but does not check individual documents. Some of the processes we monitor on your network would include network connection, Internet connection, Internet speed, free space, memory usage, anti-virus updating, and security patch updating.
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  • 10. We have our nephew always come out whenever we have a computer problem. Why would someone decide to employ a Virtual IT Department?

    Many of our clients used to use "a friend" to help them with their computer issues. As their businesses have grown they typically run into these scenarios: My IT guy is part-time and if I run into a problem I may not get the help I need in time. Using a part-time IT guy translates into less focus on you as a customer, typically less knowledge about the latest technology solutions for small businesses and less time to fix emergency problems.

    Even many full-time self-employed IT guys tend to work alone so if they're onsite working on someone else's computer issues, they are not available to resolve your problem.

    All of Ping IT's engineers work full-time as a team and complement one another with various specialties and unique skill sets. We take pride in sending you the best engineer to resolve your issues in a professional, timely manner the first time around.
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  • 11. How much money are we talking about?

    Ping IT meets with each client to conduct an individualized needs analysis for your business. The majority of our clients choose the Virtual IT Department service option. Clients are billed a fixed-rate monthly fee for predetermined services. Additional projects would be billed separately on a project-by-project basis. Clients may also choose the on-demand support service option where you pay as you go. Clients are billed on a time and materials basis for each service request.
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"These guys are not kidding about 'fast response'. I know I can count on Ping IT to take care of our computer issues in a timely and professional manner. They get us back on track in no time." » Joane, Office Manager, Law Offices of Lugar & Pohl

"I'm just so glad I found Ping IT, oh my gosh! They have been such a huge help! Thanks for your assistance - you guys are AWESOME!" » Vickie Miller, Office Manager, McDougal Love Eckis Boehmer & Foley

"I was completely freaked out when I lost my Quickbooks data. Thankfully ping IT had taken charge of our backups, so they were able to come to our rescue in less than 15 minutes." » Kim, Accounts receivable, Carrizo Gorge Railway, Inc.

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    • Having a technical 'emergency' and not having anyone reliable to fix the issue
    • Being overcharged for IT services
    • Poor customer service and follow up by technical staff
    • Having the network go down resulting in lost productivity
    • Being taken advantage of because of lack of technical knowledge
    • Having data stolen, lost or accidentally deleted
    • Encountering major issues with rogue computer viruses
    • Having a 'mish mash' of technology that doesn't work properly