Case Studies :: Virtual IT Department

Client Case Studies

Gary Sneag, O.D., Optometric Corp.
Family Vision Care :: Virtual IT Department

Family Vision Care uses the latest optical technology to provide laser vision correction, corneal reshaping, vision therapy, eye exams, and optical dispensing at their central location in Clairemont, San Diego.

Client Requirements

Evaluate current IT issues, develop and implement a long-term IT upgrade/maintenance plan and serve as their 'on demand' virtual IT department.

Project Issues

Ping IT resolved problems with the physical network. Through troubleshooting and diagnostic testing, Ping IT determined there were some cabling issues that were affecting the entire network. Ping IT replaced the faulty cabling as needed.

Family Vision Care is an extremely busy office that cannot afford to be down for any length of time. Ping IT systematically replaced several workstations each week over the course of three weeks so as to not interrupt the workflow at the office.

Ping IT identified that the client was missing important software updates resulting in corruption of the scheduled data backups of patient information. Ping IT installed the software updates and reconfigured the scheduled back ups to resolve the issue.


Ping IT completed a one month IT plan to upgrade all workstations and network infrastructure.

Ping IT performs network maintenance and workstation upgrades as required.

Ping IT serves as Family Visions Care's virtual IT department and is available 24/7 to assist employees with their IT issues.

TLC Plumbing :: Virtual IT Department

TLC Plumbing is a local family-owned business serving residential and commercial customers throughout San Diego County.

Client Requirements

  • Arrow Colaborate with the departing internal IT staff
  • Arrow Develop a comprehensive transition plan into a virtual IT department
  • Arrow Complete current IT projects including resolving intermittent connectivity problems and company-wide software upgrades

Project Issues

The company had an unusual Internet connection problem beacuse the offices were split between two buildings. One building had a traditional T1 line and the other building had a satellite connection that would continually go down. Ping IT indentified an affordable Internet Service Provider that could service both buildings.

Ping IT undertook ramping up of the client's new proprietary GPS tracking software and providing technical support to internal staff.

Ping IT resolved a software glitch with the new remote credit card processing system and, at the client's request, was responsible for the migration back to the original processing software.


By switching to the new internet service provider, Ping IT saved TLC Plumbing over $600 a month in internet service provider charges.

TLC Plumbing reduced its IT overhead business expenses by over 40% in 2007.

Ping IT serves as TLC Plumbing's virtual IT department and is responsible for software upgrades, monitoring the network infrastructure and performing quarterly network maintenance.

Chula Vista Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery
:: Virtual IT Department

Since 1989, Chula Vista Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery has provided quality dermatology, cosmetic enhancement, and esthetic treatment services to the South Bay community.

Client Requirements

  • Arrow Solve issues with 'failed' data backups
  • Arrow Implement software upgrades
  • Arrow Upgrade Internet hosting services and create new mail boxes
  • Arrow Maintain workstations and network infrastructure

Project Issues

Ping IT tested the data back-up procedures and found that they were consistently failing. We reconfigured the hardware and software to enable timely, successful back ups.

We needed to troubleshoot the hosting service 'spaghetti' set-up to research, identify and reconfigure services as needed.


Ping IT reviewed all software compatibility issues, upgraded software as needed and monitors data back up processes.

Hosting services have been properly set up and documented.

Ping IT performs network maintenance and workstation upgrades as required.

Ping IT also serves as the office's virtual IT department and is available 24/7 to assist employees with their IT issues.



"These guys are not kidding about 'fast response'. I know I can count on Ping IT to take care of our computer issues in a timely and professional manner. They get us back on track in no time." » Joane, Office Manager, Law Offices of Lugar & Pohl

"I'm just so glad I found Ping IT, oh my gosh! They have been such a huge help! Thanks for your assistance - you guys are AWESOME!" » Vickie Miller, Office Manager, McDougal Love Eckis Boehmer & Foley

"I was completely freaked out when I lost my Quickbooks data. Thankfully ping IT had taken charge of our backups, so they were able to come to our rescue in less than 15 minutes." » Kim, Accounts receivable, Carrizo Gorge Railway, Inc.

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